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Serbian Diaspora Medical Conference


Consul - chef of Consulate, on January 13, 2018, together with numerous citizens, on the invitation of the President of the ,,Nikola Tesla,, Club in Kirgenshiem, near Milhouse, celebrated th Serbian Orthodox New Year.

After a suitable program of pupils of supplementary teaching school in Serbian language who presented what they learned of the Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year through the musical-scenic symbols of Serbian culture, under the guidance of regular teacher Snezana Miletic, Madame consul also addressed the audience. She congratulated the Orthodox New Year to all present citizens, in their own and on behalf of the state of the Republic of Serbi, promised them that the Consulate will continue to give full support to thelife and work of these people, as well as any help needed in solving their issues, and she wished them to be proud of her Serbia.

The celebration was also attended by Michael Cheray, deputy of Mayor of Kirgenshiem, with whom further cooperation was agreed on the presentation of cultural projects important for the Republic of Serbia.


On October 29, 2017, on the occasion of St. Petka`s celebration in the Orthodox Church in Saint Avold, Valmont, Orthodox priest father Petar Lukic and the French Orthodox priest Archimandrite Ilarion held a service dedicated to this Saint, as well as the peace and progress of all the Christians.

During the visit, the Consul met with the history of the establishment of this church, marking the 51 st anniversary of the existence, which was built by the citizens themselves, originating from Republic of Serbia and Republic of Srpska, as an expression of the need for a spiritual center and a gathering place far away from native country. Discussions which have alredy begun on the need to organize Serbian supplementary school in this place after collecting the exact number of interested children, have been continued.

By her visit, the Consul gave full support to the life and work of these people and to any assistance needed in resolving all consular issues of these citizens which are in her jurisdiction area.



Consul - Head of the Consulate, Mrs. Andjelka Simsic, has visited the Church in the town Lougres, Montbeilard, on the occasion of the event of the Churchs Slava Saint Petka, on the 22 October 2017, where the priest of the Christian Orthodox Church, Petar Lukic, introduced her to the lives of Christian orthodox people in this part of the French region Alsace.

After the church service, which was dedicated to Saint Petka (Parascheva) and the prayer for the peace and progress of all Christians, the regular supplementary education teacher of the Serbian language, Snezana Miletic, introduced the pupils of the Serbian supplementary school of this region, who first sang the hymn of serbia, and then realized a program devoted to the occasion.

Through her visit, the Consul gave her full support to the life and work of these people, as well as necessary assistance in resolving all consular issues of these citizens which are in her jurisdiction area.

On Sunday, October 29, 2017, the Consul is scheduled to attend the churchs celebration in honor of Saint Parascheva at SAINT Avold, Valmont, where the Serbian church existis for more than 50 years.

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